The Quality Control Collective

For those Qc's struggling to get out of the site trailer daily for inspections lets chat about being proactive

Lets chat about what QCs need to know about building envelope/air barrier testing

For all the QCs who want to know they are not alone lets chat about paperclip moments AKA freakouts

Yikees!!!! Site pics can help and hurt your project - Lets discuss it!

Join us as we discuss Rogue Cx agents, how to spot them and tips to manage Cx!

Want to hear how our first Qc Projects went? Come join us for a chat

A little chat about the importance of follow up e-mails for QC Managers

Tips & Tricks with managing color selections

The Most Important Trait of every Successful QC Manager!


Preparatory Kick Off Meetings

Don't Fall Behind on Inspections

Keeping As-Builts Current

The Secret to Subcontractor Training is easier than you think

Learn How Subcontractor Emails & Releasing to Procure will Change Your Schedule Management.

Secrets to Make Concrete Pour Day a Breeze


 We are Greg & Renee

Founders of the QC Collective

We are excited to have created a safe place for those wanting to learn and talk about Quality Control. We created these short blog videos to share tips and tricks of our industry over a cup of coffee.