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Greg & Renee Glendenning

Over the years we have struggled as Quality Control Managers due to the lack of real world, applicable, Construction Quality Control Manager Training in our industry. We became successful through the school of hard knocks.
Later as an owner of a successful Federal General Contracting Company I found that fellow GCs also struggled to find the applicable training to build and sustain their QC departments.
We truly believe in the importance of a strong Quality Control department for all General Contractors and Subcontractors.  We have made it our passion to provide training & support to Quality Control Managers across the globe.

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Quality Control Training Created for QC Managers by QC Managers

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The Start Of It All

I struggled to find relevant usable Construction Quality Control Training

On my first position as a QC Manager, I was dropped onto a Corps of Engineers Federal Project with a POD connex, a generator, a file cabinet, a printer, and the project spec book and told to figure it out. I had a degree in Mechanical Engineering but honestly no Quality Control Training and no idea how to be a Construction QC Manager. I frantically searched for training or hints and tricks to no avail so I dug my heels in determined not to lose the job supporting myself and my infant son. I made lists of responsibilities and tracking forms I thought I needed and jumped in with both feet.

Fast forward years of training in the school of hard knocks I began training and managing a fleet of QC Managers for a large General Contractor across the United States.

Fast forward again past years of developing forms, tool lists and Quality Control Department Standards I started my own General Contracting company only to see fellow GC's fall down time and time again lacking training and qualified QC Managers. Many GC's were recommended to me for help and I began training and placing QC's on projects throughout the US. I developed training for my own Quality Control Managers and those I trained for fellow GC's.

The one constant throughout these years was the lacking of true usable practical construction quality control training. Today our mission is to help Quality Control Managers and General Contractors alike by providing QC Training that can be implemented NOW, Today to make a difference.

The difference it makes is you understanding the QC roles and responsibilities and how to successfully manage them at every stage of the project. This gives QC's confidence and the ability to obtain and keep a career they love doing and it gives General Contractors the knowledge to manage and support their QC Managers, keeping profits in their pockets.

This training is developed by successful Qcs for QCs. Our digital forms organize the complete project from cradle to grave. Our subcontractor training trains your key subs on QC requirements saving your project team hours of frustration and back-and-forth rejected submittals.

Helping our fellow General Contractors and Quality Control Managers is our passion and we look forward to helping you!

We have the true real deal applicable Quality Control Training for Construction QC Managers

PROVEN Quality Control Training Programs

Our Training Programs are the same programs we use for our fleet of QC Managers. We have used these training modules to train hundreds of Successful QC Managers and the forms are the forms we use today with Federal & Commercial Clients. 

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Quality control managers

  • ​Item One: My employer doesn't have any on boarding training for QC Managers and I don't know what my responsibilities are?
  • ​Item Two: I don't have time to leave my current project site to take a training class.
  • ​Item Three: I feel like I am barley keeping my head above water everyday falling farther behind and I can't loose my job, my family is depending on me.
  • ​I want a career I am good at and I enjoy! I want the salary that I know I deserve.

We have been where you are and we are here to tell you we CAN help you! 

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General Contractors

  • ​Item One: My employees do not seem to understand the responsibilities of a QC manager, My site team squabbles over who is responsible for what.
  • ​Item Two: My projects stay on schedule until the last quarter and then they slip every time costing me profits.
  • ​Item Three: It is hard to review my QC employees and track where they are with required items.
  • ​I want a strong reputation with my clients and repeat clients.

We have been where you are and we are here to tell you we CAN help you! 

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  • ​Item One: You are working for a GC who is demanding QC items you have never heard about?
  • ​Item Two: You want to understand what your role is throughout the project with respect to QC and especially during commissioning before you bid your next Federal project.
  • ​Item Three: Your loosing $$$$ with all of the re-submittals and many iterations of O&M Manuals and close out requests from the GCs QC.

We truly believe that if our subcontractors are not successful the project will NOT be successful. We train all of our subcontractors on QC requirements and we want to train and help you too!

We love Hearing about the success of our students


Shawn Jenkins, Az

"I love the conversational format of their books and training. It makes me feel like I grabbed a coffee with these two Industry Leaders for a chat about QC. Very easy to understand and lots of good tips and tricks."

Michael Lopez, Co

"Finally real QC Training for Federal Construction. This training contains the usable knowledge every QC needs. Whether you have years in the industry of are just starting out there will be takeaways for you..... Get It Now"

Chuck Billings, CA

"This is the Bomb, seriously everything a QC needs to know to navigate a project successfully building their reputation with end users and employers. Enroll in their training today, you won't regret it"

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We Provide QC Support & Training for QC Managers, General Contractors & Subcontractors

Quality Control Managers

  • ​Number one: You'll ​​be able to have Strong reputations with Customers and General Contractors
  • Number two​​You'll have a career you LOVE to go to work to do every day
  • Number three: Most of our QC's obtain a  six figure salary they deserve
  • Number Four: The ability to pick and choose your next projects and their locations.

General Contractors

  • ​Number one: You'll understand the complete QC Responsibilities making it easier for you to manage your staff.
  • Number two: GCs who utilize our training see increased profits on their current projects.
  • Number threeYou'll see happier clients, repeat customers and an increase in CPAR ratings with a stronger QC Department.


  • ​Number one: Strong reputations with Customers and General Contractors
  • Number twoProtection for your company knowing what the GCs QC should be doing and what your staff needs to do with QC.
  • Number three: Subs who take our training see anIncrease in project profits when $$ is no longer being wasted on re-submittals and unknown QC requirements.

The Full Story

QC Collective, introduces its training programs and books on quality control mastery for QC Managers, General Contractors, and Subcontractors. The company, established by a husband-and-wife team, is on a mission to help quality control professionals get the training they need to succeed, after having a very successful general contracting company themselves. QC Collective understands that when it comes to quality control management, training and empowering one's staff is very important to minimize cost and correctly deliver a client's requirements. To assist contractors today, they offer four programs – a QC Master Class for general quality control mastery, a Subcontractor Training Program for training subs on qc requirements, a QC Digital Products Package with tracking forms and procedures and a QC Hiring Blueprint Program for hiring the right quality control managers for projects. QC Master Class aims to help struggling general contractors and quality control managers who often encounter rework, losing their profits in the long run. The master class has seven online training modules that teach trainees how to work efficiently, including how to catch issues in the field before they become costly to fix. The Subcontractor Training Program, on the other hand, focuses more on the matters concerning subcontractors such as getting them to stick to the contract rules or documentation and scope of work. The QC Digital Products Package contains tracking forms and procedures every Qc needs. Lastly, the QC Hiring Blueprint Program provides seven solutions for hiring and training quality control managers. It also shares the most important trait for a successful quality control manager, a QC audit checklist, a project responsibility matrix, and more. According to the company, quality control managers are some of the most expensive members of a construction company's staff to train. The sole reason for the expense is not due to a mountain of certificates that are required for the role but because the best quality control managers learn from on-the-job experiences. "They learn from mistakes and mistakes are costly. There are, however, basic principles you will want to put in place and train your quality control managers on which will greatly reduce the learning curve and your cost," said the company founder. QC Collective ensures its trainees will understand its basic and advanced principles that are comprehensive yet easy to learn. The company also gives a big-picture strategy on how to be a successful quality control professional, build a stellar reputation, and bring profits back to the company through its e-books. These Amazon best-selling e-books are titled How to be Successful as a Construction Quality Control Manager and How to be Successful in Quality Control as a Subcontractor

Please note the testimonials & results described above are typical but we can not guarantee them. Results are dependent on the individual taking the training and applying the knowledge. Also while we reference many Corps of Engineer requirements and standards throughout our training, our training classes are not the COrps of engineers construction quality management for contractors class nor will it replace the requirement for this class on a coe project. 

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