The Proven Program on How to Train your Subcontractors on How to be  Successful in Quality Control

I believe I know some things about you and your current situation...I know you're a small General Contractor who dreams of having subcontractors that know Quality Control.Currently, you're focused on having your Quality Control Manager help your subcontractors and holding pay applications from your subcontractors, right?So, let me ask you a question...Would you be ecstatic if you could obtain Construction Quality Control training for subcontractors?Because if you could do that, ultimately, that would mean you could spend less time and money on your subcontractors and your Quality Control Manager would spend more time in the field doing his/her job! (Which would be amazing!)Unfortunately, I also get the sense there are some roadblocks for you here, including figuring out how to find and provide that training.Sound familiar?Another thing...Are you also really frustrated by the fact that your subcontractors do not understand Quality Control requirements?Do you constantly ask yourself How do I get them to understand quality control requirementsOne last question...Do you ever find yourself thinking I do not have the money to provide construction quality control training?I know I did!And finally, to make matters even worse, sometimes (no matter what you do) it just plain feels like subcontractors don't care about quality control and are actively going out of their way to sabotage your success with Quality Control requirements and Navigating quality control requirements.Well let me tell you, I know exactly how you feel because I've been there myself... more than once!When all is said and done, my guess is you really just want to complete the project with having all of the necessary Quality Control requirements completed. Yes?If this sounds at all like you...I'd like to invite you to check out our E-Book & online training, Construction Quality Control for subcontractors so you can Save time and money (without spending too much money and too much time).If you want to have your subcontractors understand Quality Control requirements, have your Quality Control Manager spend more time in the field than in the office and stop holding pay applications in an as little as one-afternoon training session for your subcontractor team then Construction quality control for subcontractors is definitely for you.Bottom Line: I promise to show you how to train your subcontractors on Quality Control Requirements

WOW! My E-book How To Be Successful in Quality Control as a Subcontractor Is The Amazing Ebook Struggling Subcontractors Use To Quickly Be Successful on all of their Projects.

How to be Successful in Quality Control as a Subcontractor
Our 6 Step Training for how to be successful in quality control as a subcontractor. This training teach your subcontractors their Qc requirements.
Presented by Amazon Best Selling Authors Renee & Greg Glendenning

Hi, we are the Glendenning's, founders of QC Collective LLC.
Let me tell you a quick story…As a struggling new 8a, small General Contractor I needed to bring in more projects while reducing my overhead cost. To be frank I had zero money to cover payroll. So I began offering my Quality Control Services to local General Contractors that either had no QC department or had a QC department that was failing miserably. While working on fellow GC project sites I saw first hand a recurring theme with subcontrcators not understanding their contractual Quality Control Requirements. I saw time and time again the struggle that business owners, PM's, Supers and QC's had with trying to drag subcontractors across the finishing line doing their paperwork, submittals and many times even test reports for them. This wasted time for the GC staff created huge profit losses. So I began doing subcontractor training for all of the main subcontrcators before project Kick off. As soon as subcontracts were written I would schedule a training for them. In this training I would go over the items contained in my E-Book. At the end of the class the subcontractors understood what their QC requirements were and how to properly track them to cover themselves. In turn the Gc's had fully training subcontors that carried their weight and produced the proper submittals and QC items on time. The GC staff was happier and could then focus on their actual job duties instead of chasing and micromanaging their subcontrcators. The GC's I did this for saw instant project gains in schedule and saved costs. I then began using this format for all of my own subcontractors which has aided in growing the successful GC company I have today. 
Now I want to give back..... I want to help you as a GC to get your subcontractor base to be successful. As I have always said when our subcontractors succeed...... WE SUCCEED and by succeed I mean make $$. This E-Book and online Training modules will give you the information you need to train your subcontractors in one easy training meeting.

When your subcontractors are trained on their QC requirements your project team can focus on their job duties and not arm wrestling and dragging subs across the finish line.

Stop struggling with your subcontractors today

How nice would it be to have your subcontractors that you use on your Federal Projects trained so they understand their contractual QC Requirements? How happy would you and your staff be to receive complete, properly packaged submittals on time? How wonderful would it be to gather the required closeout items prior to turn over day resulting in no delay in your final payment without fighting and struggling with your subcontractors?
This E-Book is your answer!

Never Suffer With how to teach your main Subcontractors their Quality Control Requirements ever again!

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Have you ever suffered with a main subcontractor not understanding their QC requirements. This can result into daily struggles, missing submittals and contract paperwork not to mention the stress, and loss time dragging them across the finish line. This program will alleviate all of that for you

Do you want to learn the secrets to being successful in Quality Control  as a Subcontractor?

Then this Ebook is the answer you've been looking for.

Here’s exactly what you get:
QC 101 SubcontractorsHaving your subcontractor team trained at Project Kick Off will save your management team time and money.  It is a struggle to get the needed commitment and paperwork from the subcontractors. This training module will take your subcontractors thru all of the basic QC requirements. Requirements covered include three phase inspections, submittals, Activity Hazard Analysis, Testing Documentation, Closeout, O&M, Warranties, Spare Parts & Owner Training. Having your subcontracting team trained thru this program will insure a much smoother more time efficient project.
Submittals for SubcontractorsSubmittals can be the single most expensive item for subcontractors to obtain and get processed. Time and money due to improper packaging, improper marking, not understanding variances and how to treat them can be insurmountable. GC’s can also track submittal miss-management to lost time on the project schedule and liquidated damages. This training course will insure your team understands the submittal requirements for subcontracts. The training will go thru the different documents we are tied to contractually, how to decipher what to submit, the different types of submittals, how to package a proper submittal, how to handle variances and how to insure the GC is processing and sharing the information that can protect you as a subcontractor.
As Built Posting Monthly payments on government jobs are tied to the upkeep of As-Built posting in the field. Keeping uniform timely updates to As-Builts is vital for project pay apps, schedule and in the event, you have staff turnover. This course will go thru the requirements for government as-builts to include field changes, ASI’s, Modifications and change orders along with tracking mechanisms to insure as-builts are clearly up to date on a weekly basis and easy to be checked by Project Management.
Project Close Out Complete ModuleThis Training Module will go thru all of the requirements for project closeout to include Warranty Manual, O & M, Spare Parts, and Owner Training. Managing the closeout process is vital to a successful Quality Control effort. This module will go thru standard requirements for each closeout item along with tracking mechanisms. Project Close Out Warranty ManualManaging the closeout process is vital to a successful Quality Control effort. This training module will go thru how to develop a Warranty Manual, what the requirements of a standard warranty manual consist of, along with tracking mechanisms to insure all required warranties are collected and included in the warranty manual. Project closeout O&MManaging the closeout process is vital to a successful Quality Control effort. This training module will go thru what the standard requirements are for O&M Manuals, how to properly put together O&M Manuals on a subcontractor level, and the tracking mechanisms to insure all O&M Manuals are on schedule to be approved on a QC level.Project Close Out Spare PartsManaging the closeout process is vital to a successful Quality Control effort. This training module will discuss standard spare part requirements, how to finalize your spare parts list with your contracting officer, how to requests subs collect, organize and transmit their spare parts alone with the tracking mechanisms to insure all spare parts are on schedule to be transmitted.Project Close Out Owner TrainingManaging the closeout process is vital to a successful Quality Control effort. This training module will go thru standard owner training requirement, how to determine your specific project training requirements, how to manage, schedule, film and transmit owner training along with the tracking mechanisms to insure all required owner training is scheduled, performed and documentation transmitted.
Red Zone 101 Red Zone is a term the Corps of Engineers has adopted to describe the last stretch of a project. “The Red Zone meeting concept was first implemented by Honolulu District in 2002, requiring that the initial red zone meeting be conducted at 80% completion but not fewer than 75 days prior to the scheduled BOD for all Military Construction funded projects. The goal is to develop a schedule necessary to achieve both timely project completion and financial closeout.” The Quality Control department takes a leading role in the Red Zone Schedule development and management. This training course will go thru the basics of a Red Zone Schedule, how to make a Red Zone Schedule, the basics of the Red Zone meeting and how to successfully conduct a Red Zone meeting.
Commissioning 101 for SubcontractorsCommissioning is a large factor of project closeout. MEP’s & building envelope contractors all have active roles during the commissioning process. This training module will go thru the commissioning process & roles/responsibilities from a subcontractor standpoint. We will walk thru the entire commissioning process so that from a subcontractor level you understand the big picture as well as what the GC will expect from your involvement on a subcontractor level. This will include submittals needed for commissioning, the commissioning team, and forms to be used during the commissioning process.

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Our online training modules can be accessed at any time. These 3 training modules will insure as a subcontractor that you understand your QC requirements on government projects. These training modules are narrated by Greg and I. It will feel like we are there with you every step of the way, just grab a cup of coffee and dive in with us.

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