Welcome Subcontractors

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  • ​Item One: You are working for a GC who is demanding QC items you have never heard about?
  • ​Item Two: You want to understand what your role is throughout the project with respect to QC and especially during commissioning before you bid your next Federal project.
  • ​Item Three: Your loosing $$$$ with all of the re-submittals and many iterations of O&M Manuals and close out requests from the GCs QC.

We truly believe that if our subcontractors are not successful the project will NOT be successful. We train all of our subcontractors on QC requirements and we want to train and help you too!

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What do Subcontractors Gain From Our Training

  • ​Number one: Strong reputations with Customers and General Contractors
  • Number twoProtection for your company knowing what the GCs QC should be doing and what your staff needs to do with QC Requirements.
  • Number three: Subs who take our training see an Increase in project profits when $$ is no longer being wasted on re-submittals and unknown QC requirements.


We love Hearing about the success of our students

Shawn Jenkins, Az

"I love the conversational format of their books and training. It makes me feel like I grabbed a coffee with these two Industry Leaders for a chat about QC. Very easy to understand and lots of good tips and tricks."

Michael Lopez, Co

"Finally real QC Training for Federal Construction. This training contains the usable knowledge every QC needs. Whether you have years in the industry of are just starting out there will be takeaways for you..... Get It Now"

Chuck Billings, CA

"This is the Bomb, seriously everything a QC needs to know to navigate a project successfully building their reputation with end users and employers. Enroll in their training today, you won't regret it"

Please note the testimonials & results described above are typical but we can not guarantee them. Results are dependent on the individual taking the training and applying the knowledge. Also while we reference many Corps of Engineer requirements and standards throughout our training, our training classes are not the COrps of engineers construction quality management for contractors class nor will it replace the requirement for this class on a coe project.